Code of Conduct General Rules:
Students taking admission in sandipani academy will have to follow the rules of the college in letter and spirit. Failure to comply with these will result in penal action prescribed by the institute.

1. Students will come to the college in decent dress. Under no circumstances should their dress be provocative.

2. Every student will devote his full attention to studies, as well as provide full support to the extra-curricular activities organized by the college.

3. They will behave decently in the college premises, will not use indecent behavior, use of unparliamentarily language, abusing, assault or use of firearms.

4. Every student shall behave with his teachers, officers and employees with courtesy and courtesy.

5. It is the moral duty of every student to keep the college campus clean, he will live a simple and frugal life.

6. Consumption of any kind of intoxicant is strictly prohibited within the boundaries of the college.

7. Spitting here and there, dirtying the walls or writing dirty things is strictly prohibited in the college. Strict action will be taken if the student is found involved in anti-social and criminal activities.

8. The student will not demonstrate his demands by spreading violence or terror. Students will distance themselves from party politics and to get their demands convinced, political parties, workers Or take the help of newspapers.

9. The use of mobile in the college premises will be completely banned.

Study Rules:

1. 75% attendance of the student in each subject will be mandatory, they will not be eligible to appear in the annual examination.

2. Students will use the equipment in the laboratory with care. Will keep them clean.

3. Will strictly follow the rules established by the library, they will get the correct number of books, and if they do not return on time, they will have to pay the prescribed punishment.

4. For the solution of any difficulty related to the study, he will present his representation in a courteous manner to the teachers or to the principal.

5. Vandalism of fans, lights, furniture, electric fittings etc. in lecture halls, laboratories or reading rooms will be considered as punishable conduct.

Rules for leaving college:

If a student wishes to leave the institution in the middle of the semester and take admission in another institution, he/she will have to complete the following action as per the University Act.

(a) to give written notice of the purpose of leaving the institution.

(b) All fees have to be paid.
(c) He will have to pay the full fee for the said entire session to the college.

(g) Students seeking duplicate copy of Transfer Certificate or Conduct Certificate will have to deposit Rs.100/-

Jurisdiction of College Administration:

1. If the student is found guilty of immorality oriented or serious crime, his admission will be canceled forthwith.

2. If a student is found indulging in ragging, he shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to five years, or with fine which may extend to five thousand rupees, or with both. Is .

3. If the student does not pay the fee within the stipulated time, his name will be struck off.

4. If the student hides or misrepresents the facts in the application or application, then his admission will be canceled and he will be separated from the college.

5. It is mandatory to sign the declaration form of the foster parent in the application form submitted by the student for taking admission in the college